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CS204: Intermediate Java Game Programming

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  • Computer Programming
  • Level 2
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Course Description

This course teaches Java programming in an interactive and engaging way that is technically relevant, and highly motivational for students through Greenfoot. Greenfoot is a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created to help students learn how to think logically and implement that logic in a practical way without getting bogged down by all the technicalities of modern IDE's and programming languages. It allows easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications, like simulations and interactive games. Using Greenfoot, students learn the Java programming language in a fun, interesting, and visually engaging way!

This is a continuation of CS203 with more advanced topics. We will address any areas the student is struggling with then proceed with a more project oriented approach with the goal of allowing the students to apply everything they learned in CS203. This class is a good chance to apply object-oriented programming concepts and learn how to read Application Programming Interface (API) documentation effectively in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. This is valuable experience because it gives the student a chance to ingrain all the skills learned from CS203 by producing a fully functional game by the end of the course.

Course Outcomes

Produce fully functional and well documented programs in Java using Greenfoot
Learn how to make advanced algorithms that have tangible results
Apply learned concepts from CS203 such as creating new classes and using them to produce a game with the help of instructors


There is only ONE free make up lesson available. Please coordinate with instructors on scheduling.

You will need a PC or Mac computer as well as a headphone with a mic.

Please contact us through email or phone, one of our counselors will assist you.

Our instructor team includes students and graduates of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering from Accredited Institutions.