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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Taking A Course

Will there be any homework for the class?

Each class will typically have some homework. Homework is designed to be an extension of what is taught in class. Students should not spend more than an hour on their homework assignments.

What equipment is required to take online courses?

High-Speed Internet, PC/Mac Computer with a microphone, WebCam, speakers or headphones

Will my kid get a certification at the end?

Yes, we will email you a certification upon completion of a course.

What if I have technical issues connecting with instructors online?

If you are having technical issues connecting to the course, please reach out to the instructor directly. You can find their instructor’s information in your account under “My Courses”.

How does the online course work? Does it work for children?

Our online courses are live, interactive sessions with an instructor. Instructors utilize video chat, screen sharing, and texting to engage students directly. These tactics have worked with all ages. Please read the customer reviews on our home page for more insight.

What if I missed multiple sessions?

Life happens, we understand. However, if your student has missed two consecutive sessions and you have not contacted your instructor, your enrollment will be canceled and your tuition will not be reimbursed.

What's our makeup policy if we have to miss a particular class session?

We do not offer makeup lessons for group classes. We only allow makeup classes for one-on-one classes. Please reach out to your students’ one-on-one instructor to reschedule if necessary. Instructor contact information can be found under “My Courses”.


Which course should my child pick and how do I know it's the right fit

We’ve designed our courses for specific age groups. We recommend that you select a course your child is interested in within their age group. Our advanced courses do require students to complete the introduction courses. These requirements are highlighted in the course descriptions.

What's the process for switching to a completely different course?

If you decide that another course would be better for your student, you can change enrollment by enrolling in the new course and then emailing the enrollment confirmation. You will be refunded the fees for the original course within 5 business days. A 20% registration fee will apply when switching courses.

Will my child be too young to take an online course?

Our instructors are trained on how to engage children of all ages in an online environment. Each course is designed with a specific age group in mind. We don’t strictly enforce the age range but do suggest that you choose a course designed for your child’s age group.

Where can I find the course schedule?

Each course has its own schedule. To see the schedule for the course you are interested in, click the “schedule” button next to the course name.

What's your refund policy?

All tuitions are non-refundable but we will try everything to solve your problems: rescheduling switching courses, switching instructors, etc...with a 20% admin fee plus any sessions you has already attended. That said, we will not be liable for any hardware issues your own computer might have during software installation process. We will try our best to fix the issues, however, there might be time when you need to switch to another computer.

Why Coding4Youth?

Who are our instructors?

We only hire the best. All of our instructors are native English speakers recruited from the top in their field. They have had prior tutoring or teaching experience. Each instructor has completed our intensive training program.They have been hand-selected for their passion for teaching children.

Who are the team members of Coding4youth?

Our team members are composed of a group of enthusiast who are passionate about making better eduction an easy access. Many of us are from top companies such as Google, Ebay, and Apple, and we want to bring your child a world-class learning experience.

Who developed the curriculum?

Our curriculum has been developed by our domain experts and has been tested with thousands of students from across the nation.