CS202: Intermediate Python & Intro to Artificial Intelligence

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$179 / 3 lessons

Ages 11+, 50 min/lesson, extendable up to 16 lessons

  • Coding & Tech
  • Hardware/Software/Books Required?

    You will need a PC or Mac computer as well as a headphone with a mic.

Course Description

The course covers objects oriented programming, Python GUI with Tkinter, and the use of standard Python modules. 

By the end of the course, students who succeed are able to design and implement a medium-size computer program complete with an intuitive user interface. They will also be able to create their own GoFish game complete with an AI opponent. Please keep in mind, this course is by no means a full-scale introduction to AI but rather an introduction to how AI can be used. Students will create a graphical user interface using Tkinter and create interactions with the displayed cards using new concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming as well as event handling.  If you are interested in learning AI in-depth, this might not be the right course for you.

This is a continuation of CS201 with more advanced topics. 

The first class session will cover software installation, configuration, and introductions.

Project Concepts Taught
Go Fish Game
Class Design
Object Oriented Programming
Tkinter Graphics
Complex Function Design


CS201 Introduction to Python.

You will need a PC or Mac computer as well as a headphone with a mic.

Please contact us through email or phone, one of our counselors will assist you.

Our instructor team includes students and graduates of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering from Accredited Institutions.