CS109: Intro to Roblox Game Programming with Lua

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$79 / 3 lessons

Ages 10+, 40 min/lesson, extendable up to 16 lessons

  • Coding & Tech
  • Hardware/Software/Books Required?

    You will need a PC or Mac computer as well as a headphone with a mic. Tablets not allowed. You will need to get a Roblox account and it's free.

Course Description

Learn how to create and play your own games in Roblox, while building a foundation of programming fundamentals that you can take with you into any future coding!

Intro to Roblox Game Programming with Lua teaches students how to think like a game-creator, then implement this strategic thinking and create their own game in Roblox! Roblox is a global gaming platform with millions of exciting 3D games, fueled by developers and enjoyed by players. This curriculum will allow the student to be both the developer and the player!

The course dives into the basic concepts of computer programming logic, which gives students the tools to code their very own games. Roblox uses the programming language Lua, which is a dynamically typed language used for scripting. Once students have learned the building blocks of programming logic, they’ll engage in project-based learning to take the reins on their own creations. By the end of the course, your child will have not only the ability to create and play their very own Roblox games, but also the foundation of programming that they can carry with them in all future coding endeavors!

The first class session will cover software installation, configuration, and introductions.

Project Concepts Taught
Student-Driven Final Project!
- a leaderstats board that keeps track of and displays some variable(s) in the game

- a function that executes when a part is touched, which can include… 
       - collecting things
       - enabling effects
       - power-up to the player

- coding parts to appear/disappear

- a clear ending to the game: thoughtful, user-oriented design


PC/Mac computer, webcam, and High Speed Internet. You will need to get a Roblox account and it's free.