SPEC101: Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Cupcakes Art

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Course Description

In this five-session course, we’re going to learn about Wayne Thiebaud and his work, and create a cupcake art that is inspired by his work and style.

At the start of each class, a summary of what we covered the session prior will be discussed and any questions will be answered before moving onto new material. It is imperative that the student doesn't miss a class because there will be info given that won't be on the Canva presentation, and I will be doing a demo in session 3. Students will be taking notes that they'll have for the future and will be assigned homework to complete in order for the instructor to ensure that they understand what they’re learning, and finish their project on time.

Supplies Needed:
Pen and paper for taking notes
9 x 12 plain drawing paper (from a sketchbook is acceptable)
Drawing pencil – Any B or H pencil will work
Pink Pearl eraser
Oil pastels or markers or colored pencils
Dark, medium and light blue color pencils
Brown Crinkle Scrapbook Paper – 12" x 12" (1 piece)
Glue or glue sticks

Session 1
We'll review the Zoom rules, learn more about me and my skills, what we’re going to cover in this class, the Elements of Art, and the vocab.

Homework: Be familiar with the E.O.A and vocab..

Session 2 
In this lesson we’re going to learn who was Wayne Thiebaud, what artistic style did he paint from, and look at some of his work. Class discussion is required.

Homework: Review the material we covered in class today.

Session 3
Demo day! Today you’re going to watch me demo how to create the cupcakes for our finished project and you’ll be following along with me. Make sure you have all your supplies ready. Class participation is required.

Homework: Finish drawing all your cupcakes and bring to class next session

Session 4
Color time! Let’s start coloring our cupcakes using either oil pastels, markers or colored pencils and make sure it’s based off of Wayne Thiebaud’s style. Class participation is required.

Homework: Finish coloring your cupcakes and bring to class next week

Week 5
Let’s cut out our cupcakes and finish our art! Using scissors we’re going to cut out our finished cupcakes, then we’ll place them where we want them on the brown paper even overlapping a few of them. Then one by one using glue or a glue stick, we’ll make sure eachcupcake is glued down. Last, we’ll draw and color in the blue shadows for each cupcake.