ENGLA: Phonics

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Course Description

This course is designed for students who need extra practice around Phonics, specifically short vowel sounds, consonants and coarticulation.  The course uses Fun-Time Phonics!™ a program that emphasizes sound/spelling patterns, vocabulary, and comprehension, and memorization. Course activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading. 

Part 1: Phonemic awareness, short vowel sounds 

This fun, colorful, powerful program:

 - 	Builds from students' natural speaking abilities, developing their auditory awareness of vowel sounds
 - 	Incorporates multisensory instruction for introducing the alphabet and short vowels
 - 	Involves multiple regions of the brain–analytical as well as artistic and language–providing various pathways to long-term memory and automatic word recall
 - 	Utilizes co-articulation to introduce consonant sounds, eliminating traditional stumbling blocks and ensuring a successful reading start