CS190: Explore Engineering with Arduino (No Arduino device required during class)

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  • Computer Programming
  • Level 2
  • Prerequisite?

    A computer (Windows or Mac)

Course Description

An Arduino board is a one type of microcontroller based kit. The first Arduino technology was developed in the year 2005 by David Cuartielles and Massimo Banzi. The designers thought to provide easy and low cost board for students, hobbyists and professionals to build devices. Arduino board can be purchased from the seller or directly we can make at home using various basic components. The best examples of Arduino for beginners and hobbyists includes motor detectors and thermostats, and simple robots. In this course, you will learn how to create electronics using Tinkercad, an online Arduino simulator. You will also learn how to code in the Arduino programming language, which is a mixture of C and C++, and the basics of electrical engineering in order to build interactive electronics as well as robots. No Arduino board is required during class. Lessons will be taught in computer simulation software. Students can download projects to their own Arduino board after class.

Course Outcomes

Learn the basics of the Arduino programming language
Learn the basics of electrical engineering
Build electronics and robots using Tinkercad, an online Arduino simulator


You will need a PC or Mac computer with high speed internet connection as well as a headphone with a mic. We will teach you how to program Arduino on a computer.

Please contact us through email at, one of our counselors will assist you.