ART109: Digital Painting - Famous Works of Art

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  • Digital Art
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    Supplies Needed: Students must download KRITA from

Course Description

Does your child love to draw or paint? Are they interested in exploring digital painting? In
Digital Painting For Kids, students will use the free digital software KRITA to create digital
paintings based on famous works of art. These classes will focus on drawing and painting
digitally. By the end of the course, students will learn about several famous artists and artworks
throughout art history and gain confidence creating digital art, while using digital art tools, and
exploring the principles and elements of art and design via a digital platform.

We will learn about a new artist each week and recreate one of their paintings using KRITA.
Weekly topics are as follows:

1. Introduction, demonstration of tools, Henri Matisse - “Beasts of The Sea”
2. Hokusai- “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”
3. Claude Monet “ Water Lilies”
4. Georgia O’Keefe - “Jimson Weed”
5. Edvard Munch - “The Scream”
6. Vincent Van Gogh- “Starry Night”
7. Pablo Picasso - The Weeping Woman
8. Frida Kahlo - “Self Portrait Time Flies”
9. Jacob Lawrence- “Christmas in Harlem” & “ Flotilla”
10. Andy Warhol - “ Flowers” & “Liz Taylor”