ART108: Drawing Dynamic Comic Book Characters and Poses

  • Art
  • Creative
  • Hardware/Software/Books Required?

    Supplies needed: A sketchbook, pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener. Suggested supplies: Drawing pencils Paper Markers Ruler

Course Description

Comic books are everywhere these days. This class is designed for young people that want to
learn how to draw and develop their own comic book characters. Each week we will focus on
drawing gestures from photographs and learn about famous comic book illustrators. Then we
will draw and examine their styles and techniques. We will also look at drawing portraits and

Students are also welcomed to draw in class using an ipad, tablet, or computer and apps such
as clip studio, paint tool sai, photoshop, procreate, sketchbook, or krita, etc.

Each week we will focus on the following illustrators:
1. Bob Kane and Jack Cole
2. Steve Ditko and Doug Wildey
3. Don Heck and Marie Severin
4. Jack Kirby
5. John Romita Sr. and Sal Buscema
6. Joe Kubert
7. Frank Miller
8. Jim Lee
9. Anthony Piper and Marcus Williams
10. Phil Noto