ART102: Digital Animation Using Adobe Animate

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  • Digital Art
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Course Description

Digital Animation Using Adobe Animate is for the young person that loves drawing or
cartoons. This 10-week course will focus on learning some of the basic principles of animation
while also learning the basic tools of Adobe Animate. We will watch clips of animation and
videos about principles of animation. By the end of this class, students will be able to design
and animate a character.

Weekly Topics Include:

1. Introduction to basic tools in Animate and Bouncing ball ( up and down, across), Bricks
falling ( weight)
2. Animation test
3. Walk Cycle
4. Run Cycle
5. Gesture, expressions,
6. Staging
7. Anticipation
8. Straight ahead animation and pose to pose
9. Character design, developing a character and story
10. Motion tweening