ART101: Art: Exploring Pop Art

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    Supplies needed: A sketchbook or notebook to use as a journal for taking notes and drawing. A black sharpie marker Colored markers Colored pencils Eraser Pencil sharpener Scrap paper 12 inch ruler An HB pencil ( a pack of drawing pencils is recommended) 9” x 12” medium weight drawing paper or sketchbook - recommended link: =sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=pacon+tagboard&qid=1625436531&sr=8-16

Course Description

Pop Art has remained one of the most beloved art movements around the world for over 60
years. What makes pop art so relatable to all ages is that it is fun, easily recognizable, and easy
to understand.

In this exciting ten-week course, we will explore 5 traditional art projects through the style of
pop art. Lessons will focus on elements of art such as value, color, line, shape, and space as
well as improving drawing skills. At the same time we will learn about pop art and different
artists as students explore their own creativity, using traditional techniques while discovering
what makes pop art so totally cool. This class is popping and will include homework and