Professional Teacher Applications - All subjects (K-12)

Since 2013, Coding4Youth has been offering Coding and STEAM courses to students across the nation over 450 cities. Our instructor team is composed of top educators from prestigious universities in the U.S. If you are interested teaching Math, CS, or English writing or any other enrichment subjects, we would love you to apply our online instructor positions. It's a contract position, you will provide your own curriculum, design your own courses and set your own pricing. As of now, all courses will be conducted in the format of live video chat (Zoom or Google meet, etc...). Once your profile is approved after you apply, you can start listing your courses and we will approve them and sell your courses to our students. Yes, it's ok to merge our students with students you acquired from other channels as long as the max class size you set is not exceeded. 
What do we offer?
  • Free email marketing to our huge students base from over 450 cities
  • Online video chat tools with unlimited storage space and cloud recording
  • Secure online payments
  • Unlimited back office support
Who can teach?
if you are an experienced professional teacher or have done extensive online teaching in the past, in Math, CS, English writing or any other K-12 enrichment subjects, we would love you to apply.
How and when do teachers get paid? 
This is a remote teaching position paid on hours lectured.  No prep time will be paid.  You will get paid for every enrollment tuition we received (net of cancellations or refunds)  minus a 15% commission. So if you charge a student $100 per enrollment, you will get paid $100-$15 = $85 assuming the enrollment is not cancelled. Payments will be sent out through Paypal in 2 batches. First payment will be disbursed 7 days after 1st lesson assuming lessons took place as expected. 2nd payment will be sent out 7 days after last day of class assuming course completed as planned.  
What’s the application process and timeline?
  • Step 1: Submit you application below with basic information, a self-introduction video as well as teaching experience.
  • Step 2: We will request a demo lesson video if we like your background or if you are already teaching at other platform, you can skip this and provide your profile links there.
  • Step 3: After reviewing your demo lesson video or your reference links, our recruiting team will reach out for further background checks, and possible interviews (up to 2-4 weeks due to a large influx of applications) if necessary.
  • Step 4:Once all that has completed, we will email you an offer letter and help you onboard to our platform. You can then start listing your courses.

For more questions, please contact