Frequently Asked Questions

Taking A Course

Will there be any homework for the class?

There are usually some homework for each class meet. It's usually an extension of what's being taught in class. Students shouldn't spend more than 1 hour for each homework assignment.

What equipment is required to take online courses?

High Speed Internet, PC/Mac Computer, WebCam

Will my kid get a certification at the end?

Yes, we will email you a certification upon completion of a course.

What's our makeup policy if we have to miss a class?

We only allow 1 make-up session for all students assuming the instructor is also available. All you need to do is reaching out to assigned instructors (you can find this information in your account once enrolled) a week prior. We don't allow instructors to cancel or reschedule a class on their own without our permission. Please report to if you see such a problem with your instructor or if you need additional help.

What if I have technical issues connecting with instructors online?

In case you are having technical issues connecting with instructors online. Please reach out to the instructor immediately. You can find instructor's contact information in your account under "My courses".

How does the online course work? Does it work for children?

Our semi-private online courses are instructor led face2face live sessions. Instructors will be giving lectures through video chat, screen sharing and texting, all of which are very interactive. Feel free to check out our customer reviews on homepage.

What if I missed multiple sessions?

If students missed more than 3 session consecutively without communicating with the instructor nor, the class fee is automatically forfeited and we will cancel this enrollments.


Will my child be too young to take an online course?

For each course, we usually have an age recommendation, that said, this rule is not strictly enforced if your child's age is very close. If your child is more than a year younger than the age limit, we would suggest you to enroll him/her in 1on1 section.

Which course should my child pick and how do I know it's the right fit

Age limit is the only requirement for most introductory courses such as CS101, CS103, CS105, etc...Advanced courses in each subject such as CS102, CS104, etc...will require students to have completed the introduction course. If your child took the intro course somewhere else, we would recommend you to enroll him/her in 1on1 section to make sure he/she is full ready for the advanced course.

What's the process for switching to a completely different course?

All you need to do is to enroll in the new course you want to switch to and email of the enrollment confirmation. Then, we will refund you the fees for the original course minus the registration fee associated with it. The process should take 3-5 days to complete.

Do you offer trial class? What's your refund policy?

Sorry, we don't offer trial classes. All tuitions are non-refundable but we will try everything to solve your problems, rescheduling, switching courses, switching instructors, etc...That said, we will not be liable for any hardware issues your own computer might have during software installation process. We will try our best to fix the issues, however, there might be time when you need to switch to another computer.

Where can I find the course schedule?

Next to each course, there is a "schedule" button, click that will bring you to individual course description page, where you will find schedule buttons for group class as well as 1on1 section. Follow them and you will see the most up to date schedule. Keep in mind, all course time are listed in Pacific Time.

Why Coding4Youth?

Who are our instructors?

We only hire the best. All instructors: 1) are recruited from top computer science universities in the U.S. and are native English speaker 2) had prior tutoring/teaching experience 3) have passed our intensive training and certified by our program 4) are passionate about teaching and computer science 5) are kids friendly 6) are background checked

Who are the team members of Coding4youth?

Our team members are composed of a group of computer scientist who are passionate about connecting next generation with computing technology. Many of us are from top companies such as Google, Ebay, and Apple. Our first and only priority is to make sure your child has a great learning experience with us and become interested in coding.

Who developed the curriculum?

We have a dedicated team working on curriculum and have had it tested with thousands of students from over 220 cities in U.S.