MATH202: Advanced Problems in Intermediate Algebra B

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    PC/Mac with high speed internet and internal/external Microphone
    Intermediate Algebra Book

Course Description

This course continue to cover algebraic subjects covered include advanced quadratics, polynomials, conics, general functions, logarithms, clever factorizations and substitutions, systems of equations, sequences and series, symmetric sums, advanced factoring methods, classical inequalities, functional equations, and more.  This course is for advanced students who have mastered the essentials and are eager for a more challenging mathematical experience. 

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Topic 1 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series
Topic 2 Advanced Sequences and Series
Topic 3 Induction
Topic 4 Exponents and Logarithms
Topic 5 Radicals, Monotonic, and Even and Odd Functions
Topic 6 Rational Functions and Partial Fractions
Topic 7 Piecewise Functions, Absolute Value, Integer and Fractional Part
Topic 8 Inequalities
Topic 9 Mean Inequality Chain
Topic 10 Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
Topic 11 Functional Equations
Topic 12 More Functional Equations and Challenging Problems