MATH105: Advanced Problems in Geometry A

  • Challenging Math
  • Level 2
  • Hardware/Software/Books Required?

    PC/Mac with high speed internet and internal/external Microphone

Course Description

This course covers fundamentals of geometry, including angles, triangle similarity and congruence, complicated area problems, mastering the triangle, special quadrilaterals, polygons, the art of angle chasing, power of a point, 3-dimensional geometry, transformations, analytic geometry, basic trigonometry, geometric proof, and more.  This course is for advanced students who have mastered the essentials and are eager for a more challenging mathematical experience. 

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Topic 1 Angles
Topic 2 Triangle Angles and Congruent Triangles
Topic 3 Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles, Perimeter, and Area
Topic 4 Similar Triangles
Topic 5 Similar Triangles and Right Triangles
Topic 6 More Right Triangles!
Topic 7 Special Parts of a Triangle
Topic 8 Special Parts of a Triangle, Continued!
Topic 9 Quadrilaterals
Topic 10 More Quadrilaterals
Topic 11 Polygons
Topic 12 Geometric Inequalities