MATH104: Advanced Problems in Algebra B

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    PC/Mac with high speed internet and internal/external Microphone
    Intro to Algebra Book

Course Description

This course covers more fundamental concepts of algebra, including factorization, functions, polynomials, and exponential functions. Students are ready for this course if they have mastered the first half of algebra which covers variables, expressions, linear equations, ratios, percentages, graphing inequalities, and quadratic equations. Most students who have completed a typical Algebra course are ready for this course.

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Topic 1 Factorization
Topic 2 Quadratics and Complex Numbers
Topic 3 Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula
Topic 4 Graphing Quadratics
Topic 5 Quadratic Inequalities
Topic 6 Optimizing Quadratics and AM-GM Inequality
Topic 7 Functions
Topic 8 Composition and Inverses
Topic 9 Graphing Functions
Topic 10 Polynomials
Topic 11 Exponential Functions
Topic 12 Special Functions Part 1
Topic 13 Special Functions Part 2
Topic 14 Sequences & Series Part 1
Topic 15 Sequences & Series Part 2
Topic 16 Challenging Problems Day