SPEC102: Welcome to the World of Optical Illusions for Drawing

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Course Description

In this  class, we're going to learn about The World of Optical Illusions starting with definition and history, why we need to know about them, we'll look at examples in art, and even learn how to draw an optical illusion. We see optical illusions in art, but why and where did they come from? We're going to explore who and when optical illusions started and learn why. Then we're going to understand the three different optical illusions so we can recognize them on our own. It's also important to see how artists in history and today use optical illusions in their work so we'll look at some. Then, we'll look at some optical illusions and try to determine what we see. Last, we're going to watch and follow along with a short YouTube video on how to draw an optical illusion on paper. Brace yourself because your eyes will be playing tricks on you! 

Pencil and Paper for taking notes and drawing an optical illusion