ENGGE: Grammar/Editing

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  • English
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Course Description

Students work on grade 4-5 level grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and critical reading in a standards-based thinking approach. Students begin with an easy-to-understand lesson followed by an activity that requires students to carefully analyze and edit stories, letters, or articles that contain mechanical errors.

This course includes lessons and practice with the following concepts:

     •  Capitalization
     •  Content
     •  Apostrophes
     •  Colons
     •  Commas
     •  Exclamation Marks
     •  Hyphens
     •  Parentheses
     •  Question Marks
     •  Quotation Marks
     •  Periods
     •  Semicolons
     •  Adjectives
     •  Adverbs

     and more...