CS70: Elementary Programming Course C

Course Description

In this course, students learn programming fundamentals through an intuitive web-based program. The learning environment makes learning programming concepts easy and fun!
The course is taught through a series of mini-lectures and programming challenges. Students will complete these challenges through block based programming, an easy drag and drop system. These challenges are designed to make learning as enjoyable as playing a game. After learning the fundamentals, their knowledge will be put to the test by having students create a mini-game using what they have learned so far. By the end of the class, your child will be eager to learn more in order to create their own games with even more complexity.

Project Concepts Taught
Execution of blocks in sequence
Step by step execution (Debugging)
Directional blocks
Pixels and movement with pixels
Directional degrees
Fixing errors
Achieve goal with minimum resources
Usage of pick up values
Basic usage of loops
Overcoming repetitive code
Using repeat blocks
Using repeat blocks in sequence
Picking up different types of items
Running code conditionally, ex. if lava ahead place block down
Triggering code on certain events
Changing properties of characters and games
Handling events involving multiple characters 
Handling mouse click events
Playing sound
Ending events
Repeating code forever
Displaying data
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$249 / 5 lessons

  • Computer Programming
  • Level 1
  • Hardware/Software/Books Required?